PC optimization

Virus Cleanup

Software Support

Deleting the temporary and junk files and creating space on your computer.

Scanning for malicious programs and root kit infections and keep your computer safe from hackers.

Support provided on various applications into the installation or configuration or repair or up-gradation, etc.,

About Us

Live Assist is a leading provider for IT support services. The services reach to the direct consumers and ondemand support to the corporate employees and enterprise users and small business institutions.

The services can be affordable by everyone. The plans provided by us starts from one time support to an unlimited annual technical support subscriptions. Users can get a quality support for all kinds of issues related to the system software to the wide range of application software.

Incorporated after successful vision of these quality output and our services for a couple of years and decades of experience by the front runners, Live Assist Technical Support Services came in existence.

The location selected for rendering our services is Global through online chat / web platforms in order to overwhelm the accent barrier between geographic locations.

Our services are managed from the major Silicon Valley or an IT hub in aside of the World which is Bangalore in India.

The services are available round the clock to assist all the users and there are alternative ways to reach for any downtime via mail or on-line request. The vision on policies and plans for the services are explained in an appropriate links of this site.

Our Vision


Live Assist TSS pioneered with a prominent operating system and it’s software services s and had established vision in providing tremendous services to the users with latest updates and upgrades.
We understand the prerequisites and the procedures to be followed without impacting the other programs and the user data. We value the users personal data and our experts handle it carefully by giving feedforwards to the users in maintain the computers.
Into the world of computers, supporting the new technology enhances us every day and we established a strong team who are providing our clients with a professional behaviour and a friendly attitude in making the user’s to feel more comfortable.
With the Online scams and the unknown calls, the motive of the users towards this kind of online support agencies became cheap but we strongly believe this motivates us in bringing more professional attitude.
Unlike other portals and companies who does provide online assistance by consuming the user’s time and bringing the paid support into the frame at the end which disgusts the services by some technocrats but disrupts the life of unknown users about the computers.
The real challenge is to opt the best technician and to analyse the knowledge of a technician. We challenge this kind of business associates to work with a positive attitude which uplifts the industry and gains to both the parties and saves the time.
We are putting our entire experience in explaining about us so as to have no more confusion about the company and trust worthiness with our folks. We don’t pose to work for free but we hardly charge a very nominal fee when you compare to others.
It is all not about the price but we ask the users to talk about the quality and time.
We don’t have to mention that we are third party support as we clearly explain each and every word with our vision and do provide our services to any company who looks forward to reach us to offer their services.


Live Assist endures the technical support services on chat or remote technical support.

The paragon of our flagship is to get instant feedbacks from our clients. The work flow is not just to fix an issue but we will provide a free support for any repeated issues.

There are many successful institutions making out some similar support but our approach is entirely irrelevant.

We will only collect a nominal fee as a bond between the technician and the user opting for support.

Not to reiterate that none of the support companies offer any free remote technical support but we are not interested to show numerous errors on your computer which doesn't make out professional support policies.

Our principles are to gain the acceptance of the users with our work excellence.

We do provide support in few available subscriptions and it as been helped on the page given below.